"The World" Updated!!

2017-08-26 18:04:45 by ElMarianz


Since I currently do not have serum as it is damaged the root file that serves to load any sound or wave that you choose, I decided to invest my time in production to update some of my old tracks that I really want to reactivate! Since some are not very good or lack better structuring or sound design. Here is the first !! THE WORLD Updated !!!


The next one is "Sunset". Be aware ...


Ya que actualmente no cuento con serum ya que esta dañado el archivo raiz que sirve para cargar cualquier sonido u onda que elija, decidi invertir mi tiempo en la producción para actualizar algunas de mis tracks viejas que realmente quiero reactivar! ya que algunas no son muy buenas o les falta mejor estructuracion o diseño de sonido. Aqui esta la primera!! THE WORLD Actualizada!!!


La siguiente es "Sunset". Estén al tanto...

Greetings for my Followers :)

2017-07-14 00:12:26 by ElMarianz

I inform the people of Newgrounds that from now on I will mention to the people that I support with a vote of stars in some of my previous tracks, in the new songs that I take only to thank them for collaborating with my goal of being known by enough People

Thank you for your time and be aware of my profile !! If you want you can follow me to know who you are and you can start voting in some of my previous songs if you are interested in leaving in the thanks of my next song. luck!!


2016-12-06 19:15:10 by ElMarianz

These are requirements to make a collab with me and/or with others of my friends:

1 - You have to like some of my songs.

2 - You have to be 14-20 years old (unless you do not mind my beginner production).

3 - You must have these plugins:
-Big Room Kick Synth (Not really needed)

4 - Like These Genres:

-Drum N Bass


-Dubstep (all subgenres)

-EDM (all subgenres)

Please contact me if you're interesed!

Custom Remixes

2016-09-29 20:45:07 by ElMarianz

Can you tell me a good song to Make a Remix/Remake? Thanks for the comments of all my new songs including "Nexus" and "Fision".do not forget to leave a comment with the name of the song!!


2016-08-15 20:50:44 by ElMarianz

Finally I updated my third song "Blue Galaxy" with some filters and more volume to the kicks of intro.Hope want to excuse my delay not update it before! I would like to give a look and give me your opinion on like this.

I Soon Make a New Production.Maybe Dubstep or Dance! :D

I´m Making a New Song!!

2016-08-12 14:44:03 by ElMarianz

I'm working on a new song containing "Drum and Bass" Drums.
and a simple melody of violins.
You think I should use it as a new genre?
I hope you are enjoyed my last song "The Universe" I have not done many songs lately because my parents had punished me xD.

Is Ready!!

2016-06-13 21:25:59 by ElMarianz

my First song is Ready.I update it at soon posible.Thanks for waiting Time!! :D

My First Song

2016-06-08 22:07:12 by ElMarianz

About my new song .I would like to clarify that not be Dubstep, but possibly an EDM production.

Electro Music

2016-05-18 17:57:27 by ElMarianz

I say Hi to all the people of Newgrounds !! I'm working on some projects in FL Studio, and I think one of them will Dubstep, but which later will Publique.Tardare a bit but I think it will be worth it ...

Also listing a Loop anticipating a new song. hope you like ;)