2016-12-06 19:15:10 by ElMarianz

These are requirements to make a collab with me and/or with others of my friends:

1 - You have to like some of my songs.

2 - You have to be 14-20 years old (unless you do not mind my beginner production).

3 - You must have these plugins:
-Big Room Kick Synth (Not really needed)

4 - Like These Genres:

-Drum N Bass


-Dubstep (all subgenres)

-EDM (all subgenres)

Please contact me if you're interesed!


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2016-12-14 15:48:25

i would love to try...
i have massive but i dont use it that much :-/
Also trying to get Sylenth1 XD
But i like your tracks and i would like to collab because i have a lit to learn from you :-)

ElMarianz responds:

Ok, what genre do you like?