EP Soon?..

2017-05-20 13:08:15 by ElMarianz

Hello Friends Probably soon my friends and me make an EP Compilation of our best tracks!!

What track do you mean i have to put on this new EP? please comment it :)

Too, I Soon Upload my new Collab with my friend "Ipsilon" maybe is a Future Bass Hybrid haha.

Please visits my tracks and my websites for more info about this song.


Facebook Official Page:https://www.facebook.com/DjMarianz/?ref=bookmarks

YouTube Official Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk5fP-Tglm2e0FalaEzzdyg



2016-12-06 19:15:10 by ElMarianz

These are requirements to make a collab with me and/or with others of my friends:

1 - You have to like some of my songs.

2 - You have to be 14-20 years old (unless you do not mind my beginner production).

3 - You must have these plugins:
-Big Room Kick Synth (Not really needed)

4 - Like These Genres:

-Drum N Bass


-Dubstep (all subgenres)

-EDM (all subgenres)

Please contact me if you're interesed!

Custom Remixes

2016-09-29 20:45:07 by ElMarianz

Can you tell me a good song to Make a Remix/Remake? Thanks for the comments of all my new songs including "Nexus" and "Fision".do not forget to leave a comment with the name of the song!!


2016-08-15 20:50:44 by ElMarianz

Finally I updated my third song "Blue Galaxy" with some filters and more volume to the kicks of intro.Hope want to excuse my delay not update it before! I would like to give a look and give me your opinion on like this.

I Soon Make a New Production.Maybe Dubstep or Dance! :D

I´m Making a New Song!!

2016-08-12 14:44:03 by ElMarianz

I'm working on a new song containing "Drum and Bass" Drums.
and a simple melody of violins.
You think I should use it as a new genre?
I hope you are enjoyed my last song "The Universe" I have not done many songs lately because my parents had punished me xD.

Is Ready!!

2016-06-13 21:25:59 by ElMarianz

my First song is Ready.I update it at soon posible.Thanks for waiting Time!! :D

My First Song

2016-06-08 22:07:12 by ElMarianz

About my new song .I would like to clarify that not be Dubstep, but possibly an EDM production.

Electro Music

2016-05-18 17:57:27 by ElMarianz

I say Hi to all the people of Newgrounds !! I'm working on some projects in FL Studio, and I think one of them will Dubstep, but which later will Publique.Tardare a bit but I think it will be worth it ...

Also listing a Loop anticipating a new song. hope you like ;)